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Adding notification for groups.

  • megabitenl



    We are trying to find a solution for our intranet site. Using Buddypress and bbpress for accounts and general discussions, we are new to Buddypress.
    There are several locations of the organisation all with a couple of members. who communicatie and manage project via the intranet. We added groups for each location and assigned the members of each location to their group. The idea is to have them send messages to the group, and they will see this in the notifications. But we didn’t see any notifications and after a tiny bit of research we found out there is no such thing included already in Buddypress. So after some more research we found this tutorial > which shows us how to add a custom notification, upon post comments.

    This provided code seems to be split up in 3 sections, and if I understand it correctly, we should only have to edit the middle section to make this work for our problem.

    As said, we are new to Buddypress, but also to coding for plugins/themes.
    How can we change this code to suit our needs?

    In the comments on that post a answer to a similar question is provided: “youd need to hook into the correct filter instead of wp_insert_comment”. What is this correct filter and were do I find it?

    Kind regards,


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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