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Admin bar icons do not display on some devices

  • Calvin Powers



    I am on WP 4.2 and Buddy Press Version 2.5.7.
    I am using the Genesis Magazine Pro Theme.

    The site in question is

    I have the option turned on to always show the admin bar even when no one is logged in.

    On web browsers, everything looks great. When the visitor is not logged in. There is the black admin bar at the top with a login menu item.

    But when I visit the site with my Samsung Galaxy S5, I see a black bar at the top, but there are no icons. Nor are there any active inks on the bar as far as I can tell.

    Has anyone seem this problem on their site? Any idea how to fix it?

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  • darkwoof


    I posted the same question and no one answered me. This seems to be a common issue with all WordPress/BuddyPress installs (I have a separate WordPress install and the same thing occurs), so it seems to be inherent in the responsive CSS code or something.

    This was my question:

    These other threads also seems to be talking about the same, or a similar issue:

    Doesn’t anyone have any advice, since it’s affecting so many of us?

    And no, it was not due to a conflicting plug-in or a theme. Tests were done when the site was just installed with the default themes. The links shows up correctly on desktop, and on my Nexus 7 2013 (1200×1920 resolution) ONLY when it is in landscape mode, but not when it is portrait (empty, black bar is show). And the same empty black bar is shown on my Galaxy Note 3 (1080×1920 resolution) in both portrait and landscape. So it doesn’t seem to be due to just the horizontal resolution – but perhaps the the full (horizontal x vertical) resolution or something.

    It’s pretty frustrating.




    Same problem here… Has anyone found a solution ?

    When I’m on a mobile, the wordpress admin bar shows up but there are no button on it to login or register..

    And there is also a black/grey bar on top of this bar.

    Screenshot if it can help :




    Same issue here, I already posted on your thread darkwoof. Any help would be great…. I’m fairly certain most all visitors to anyone’s website will be done on a mobile device and this limits the functionality greatly.



    One crucial question to all: which theme do you use ?
    Have you similar issue by using one of WP’s twenty theme ?
    Have you searched in your theme documentation ? Remeber that we do not support commercial products here as we have no access to the code.

    The Toolbar is related to WordPress, BuddyPress use it only to add a sub-nav block under Howdy on the top right corner.

    Calvin Powers


    For me, the problem only appears when I use Genesis Themes. I use the Magazine Pro theme. And I believe I have seen it on other Genesis themes.

    And yes, I have posted the issue on their forums also. But I thought I’d post it here also in case other people had seen the issue and knew of a work around.

    No one at studiopress has responded to my post so far.



    Why has this thread not been answered. I installed buddyPress yesterday, and I’m having the same problem on my Galaxy Not 3.



    I will be your savior,
    for same rasons, wordpress decided not show admin bar like default in mobile.
    It is so,maybe, because when user log in in mobile device, a lot of menu will be showed… really I dont know why…
    But if you dont have this problem, and want show admin bar for log in an log out users, you must add in CSS the following codec:

    @media screen and (max-width:782px) {
        #wpadminbar {
        html {

    The codec where say html position absolute is for delete noise black bar located in the up side zone.
    If you want, you can also show the notification icon (I think it is named budlle notification) into the admin mar, adding the following codec in CSS zone:

    /* Show only default top level items */
    	#wp-toolbar > ul > li {
        		display: block;

    I have gone mad to find the solution, but now we have it.
    If you dont want show menu in admin bar to the suscriptors, colaborator and authors, you can use the AG CUSTOM ADMIN plugin. It hide them and help you in a clean design. (you can also hide wordpress logo, and so much things…)

    Now, I have only a litlle / big problem:
    the drop down menu, when I click in the “notification icon” in the admin bar, is not showed correctly… It is showed from the “notification icon” to the right zone, so in mobiles user can red the title of the notification.
    The solution is show the dropdown menu from the “notification icon” to the left zone. So, also in mobiles users can red the title of the notification.
    Can you help me for to make that?
    I have helped you, now I hope someone can help me 😉
    Thank for your support and have funny

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