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ADMIN BAR iexplorer not working

  • The admin bar in iexplore 7 is not working well, you cannot navigate the menus… The broken image problem is solved on the forums, but this is a more critical problem. Anyone had this problem, any solution?

    Buddypress ROCKS!!!!


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  • Jeremy Winter


    The word on the wire is that this is a unresolved issue at this point. Andy has posted here stating that if anybody can find a solution he would be more then happy to add the fix to the newest release.

    I believe it is a inherent problem with the child list item spacing and the inherent time out in IE. I attempted to uses a superfish javascript menu to replace the default menu, but I found it difficult adapting it to the stylesheet.

    I live in Seattle so I thought it would be just easier to head over to Bill’s house and ask him why it doesn’t work in his browser. If I get past the dogs I’ll report back.

    The bar and wire pagination is fixed in IE6 – just tweaking IE7 today.

    Andy, the IE7 is not working yet, isn´t it?

    I´m just checking if it´s only me, or everybody.


    Keep on doing that magic Andy.


    Burt Adsit


    I’m worried about jjwinter. He hasn’t been heard from for 3 days.

    Bumping the thread. Still no news about the Admin bar working in iExplorer 7.0?


    I gave it a once over in IE7 recently. I guess it didn’t work correctly. If anyone is willing to fix – please tweak the /bp-core/css/admin-bar.css file.

    is there any IE 7.0 Guru? i spent 5 hours trying to fix this, and my success was to be able to restore my backup, cause i managed to break everything that existed before and worked alright.

    I tried to fix the bar again, without success of course…

    I don´t understand why this thread does not have more posters. It´s a Major problem!! as we know, IE7 has a big portion from the pie of our users, come on PPL! myself solving this issue, is like a little child armed with a fork having to fight for life with 10 deadly hungry lions with poisoned teeths.

    #admin-bar(correct name) li:hover, #admin-bar(correct name) li.hover {

    position: static;


    Seems to HELP with the persistance problem of the menus in ie7 and it works ok in FF3

    but the other problems still happening

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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