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Admin bar links for Events Manager and One Quic post

  • mayankjain


    I am facing a strange problem. I have latest BP 1.2.9 with WP 3.2 along with Events Manager and One Quick Post plugin and more. I am working with default BP theme and editing that in the child theme.

    Problem is that the links of Events manager and one quick post on the admin bar takes me to homepage.

    Following are other plugins installed:

    Networks for wordpress
    Anflex GA – Google Analytics for WordPress
    Multisite User Management
    BP Posts on profile
    BP Profile Search
    BP Show Friends
    BuddyPress Docs
    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
    BuddyPress Private Community
    Events Manager
    Private BuddyPress (Inactive)
    Personal welcome (Inactive)
    one Quick Post (Inactive)
    Inactivity Auto Sign Out Plugin (Inactive)
    Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar (Inactive)
    AG Custom Admin (Inactive)
    BM Custom Login (Inactive)
    BP-Registration-Options (Inactive)

    is anyone facing the same problem. I know that in Events Manager Forum on some have faced the same problem. see the following link

    I have been facing this problem even on the earlier releases of WP and BP. Please help.

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  • Cam


    This appears to be a child theme issue. Take a look at some of the later replies in the article you mentioned. I was having this problem and I switched to a non-child theme and the problem was fixed.

    Try moving the buddypress folders (specifically the members/single/plugins.php and same in groups files) to your child theme if you need to keep the child theme flexibility.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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