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Admin bar list items not showing

  • pcwriter


    Hi all,

    I just discovered that 2nd (and 3rd) level admin bar list items are only showing when on the main site, not when on member blogs. In other words, a member must navigate back to the main site in order to access his/her dashboard… not good.

    The only admin bar changes I’ve made are the login text in bp-core-adminbar.php and the z-index in adminbar.css. I left both files in bp-default, not my child theme (yeah, I’ll have to redo when I upgrade…)

    I’m running WPMU2.9.1 & BP1.2RC2. Is this a known issue in RC2 that has been resolved in RC3 or the upcoming official release? Or did I maybe break something?

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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