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admin bar w/ WP themes on 1.1.1

  • ruthlessbookie


    taking the jump to the parent/child theme concept. I referred to Andy’s step by step process for using bp-sn-parent files w/ WP theme, but no mater which WP theme I use, the admin bar only displays properly at the home page (blog) – everywhere else, it shows as a list of links in the footer. Default BP theme works perfect. What am I missing here?

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  • ruthlessbookie


    and now, I’ll perform the amazing feat of answering my own question:

    in the WP theme, I inserted the following line in style.css:

    /* Default theme admin bar styles */

    url( _inc/css/adminbar.css );

    the info was there, but not imported into my theme’s style sheet.




    When I do that it doesn’t make any difference to the admin bar. Its still just a mess. Im afraid I’ll have t just start coding the css for the admin bar myself. Although I dont know if I’d be able to.

    Ive upgraded to the newest buddypress version. And have made a child theme, which the admin bar working perfect in..

    Its just in the normal blogs its broke and loads as a mess of links in the footer..

    Any help would be appreciated. Im kinda going insane here >.<

    Jeff Sayre


    I’m setting this to resolved as the second post indicates that the OP solved their own problem.

    If you are having custom theming issues and are not the OP, then please start a new thread.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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