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Admin only Create a Group

  • Jonah Brown


    Is there a way with only the functions.php to hide the Create a group button. I did a manual edit in my theme files to do this.

    Just figure it would be easier if I could do it in the functions.php file.

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  • Have a search through the plugins listings, there’s a plugin that will set admin only group create.

    ‘Restrict Group Creation’ by nuprn1

    edit// forget this I haven’t got it fully working
    As this is a useful utility plugin have updated it to work with WP 3.1 as the author no longer supports it but need to contact the author to see how to update the repo.



    @hnla good to know that you’re on the case ;-)

    @mercime I got buddypress-member-profile-stats updated to work with 3.1 and almost had restrict-group-creation working but I think some BP functions/hooks must have changed for 1.3 as it’s proving harder to kick into action.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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