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Admin Username in Members URL

  • sitesforchrist


    Is there any ways to change just the admin username from being in the Buddypress profile URL? For security reasons it’s not set to admin but something else like “iamadminofsite” but it seems like it kind of defeats the purpose of having an unusual admin username for security reasons if it is plastered all over your site.

    Any help being able to accomplish this would be great. (And yes, saw this plugin: which is nice and all but not what I’m looking for as it will just change the login name and I need the url to show a completely different username at least for the admin).

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  • antonop4u


    Hi I agree with you. I’m also trying to find a way to hide the user name, but not only for the admin, but also for any other member. I’m the admin and hope to use a password difficult to find, but we know that many user have password quite easy to find.
    I’m using the extended profile with a mandatory nickname, and I wonder if there and way to let it take the user-name place in the ulr and in the name beside the picture?



    @sitesforchrist: To hide the admin you could use something like this:

    because users can change their display name (unless you are going to institute code to lock their display name in place), using their display name in the URL will probably lead to issues if a user changes their display name, breaking existing activity URLS. In a worst case scenario a user could change their display name to match another user and cause some interesting collisions.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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