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Adminbar/Buddybar width: Won’t stretch to the ledge of the page …

  • kkradel


    I’m running a 3.1.2 Multisite and upgraded BuddyPress from 1.2.10 to 1.5.

    My favorite part of BuddyPress is the navigation from the adminbar/buddybar, whatever it is called now.

    My adminbar looked perfect in BP 1.2.10 but in 1.5 it won’t stretch to the edge of the pages. I have been editing the CSS a bit and did get it to go flush left, but it still doesn’t flush right. Any ideas? I also tried editing the site’s CSS to no avail.

    Seems that if it worked in 1.2.10 it should work in 1.5

    Also, the BP adminbar looks fine in the dashboard area – it’s just wonky on the live site. is the site.

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  • AlexKalopsia


    I have the same exact problem

    Tammie Lister


    I can’t really view source to tell you if you have it set to 100% as you have a block put on that however I’d assume somewhere you’ve not got the admin-bar set to 100% in your CSS.



    I’ve checked everywhere – they are all set to 100%.
    I’ve even played with the min/max width settings. I think at this point I deleted both of them. I’d have to go back and look.



    @kkradel bp.css is enqueued after your style.css and bp.css has this in stylesheet
    `#wp-admin-bar .padder {
    width: 95% !important; /* Line up the admin bar with the content body in this theme */

    The easiest thing to do is to
    1 – download a copy of bp.css
    2 – correct the width of #wp-admin-bar .padder to 100%
    3 – upload to server in plugins/bp-template-pack to override old bp.css



    Thank YOU!!!

    Finally something that worked!

    I had backed up all of my BuddyPress files before I upgraded so I just replaced the bp.css file in the plugins/bp-template-pack.

    Now, on to see if I can make BuddyPress do what *I* want it to do rather than having it eat up my whole site.



    You’re welcome. Onwards and upwards! :-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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