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Advanced Profile Field Search & Conditional Logic

  • Christian Clark


    I’m currently trying to build on top of the BP Search plugin. It allows for the searching of BuddyPress fields, but when the results appear, it only shows the member’s name and activity, not the actual profile field details.

    I’ve also been trying to set up conditional logic that allows the fields to populate options depending on a previous field choice.

    An example is seen here:

    Notice that the “Position” Field doesn’t display without the “Sport” field being entered.

    – On a sidenote, I’ve found an advanced search called UsersInsights, It claims to be compatible with BuddyPress. Perhaps this could be a potential solution to both of my issues, but I’m currently inquiring through email to see if it is. Has anyone used this before?

    Search and Filter Your BuddyPress User Data

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  • Kir 2012


    Hi @christianmclark92 how did you manage to set up conditional appearance of certain profile feeds?

    Trying to do this myself with no luck… would really appreciate any help / pointers?





    Good, I do not know if they have already found something but I can indicate some plugins, for the topic of member filters it has this plugin, but I think it does not perform conditional logic but uses all the fields you want for filters

    BP Profile Search

    then if you want conditional logic in the buddypress log fields you have this plugin

    Conditional Profile Fields for BuddyPress

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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