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Advise required on Moderation and Spamming

  • psivait


    Hi All. I know all are fighting hard to protect their websites from spam and other illegitimate users.

    Despite adding plugins such as captcha, bp-math during sign-up, I tend to see at least 10 human-spam users and irrelevant activities in the website which are really annoying the legitimate users!

    What I have finally planned is to, hire 2 guys who can simply moderate my buddypress website along with multi-site enabled. Their tasks are to monitor the activities, delete the spam users, and also monitor the blogs, forums, groups and other misc activities inside the website. I am afraid to give them an admin privileged account. But I need to give them an access which is capable of doing my wish-tasks. Could somebody advise me on what account can I give to my employees who can moderate end-users? I am all a non-techie and a new user to buddypress. Pls guide me to proceed my work smoothly. Thanks in advance.

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