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After upgrade new members cannot sign up!

  • Hi

    I received a complaint from a new member that she cannot sign up. Indeed, I have performed test registrations several times, but the activation email messages never arrive. Check here: Can anybody help? That’s more than a serious issue! Thanks in advance


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  • I’m having this problem as well. I just did a fresh install of Buddypress and I’ve tried to set up two testing accounts. The accounts register the users in my User panel, but the activation emails are not arriving and therefore the users can’t log in and use the site!



    @Firynze @Witi

    Are the emails in the spam or junk directories?

    Some hosts need an extra plugin to work with wordpress mail, such as the one suggested on the following page:

    I have used which has a useful debugging feature….

    No, they do not go to spam directory – the emails simply never arrive. I have tested to sign up using different email addresses – same result.

    And regarding extra plugins – I am now extra cautious with them. I guess most of plugins are not tested with latest BP, and installing them causes fatal conflicts. Twice my database simply crashed because of them. My host provided a backup, which was pretty old – so we have completely lost several newest members and latest user-generated content. And now – this strange issue with new user registrations… Oh well.

    BTW, previously the validation emails worked fine for me and for other members. We have about 200 members, so they have signed up just fine. So, I guess this is not a problem with host.

    @aces – The email plugin did it for me. Thanks!

    Which one?

    I tried both mail plugins which were recommended here: Mail-From and WP-Mail-SMTP. Neither of them works (no change in the format of email messages)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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