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Ago ago…

  • gg565


    Hi guys

    Problem 1)
    I’ve noticed after updating to BP 1.5 that entries in My Groups list which express time since last active as ‘Active x days/months ago ago’
    I’ve noticed the same problem on this site if you search ‘ago ago’ in the search box.
    Any ideas on how to fix? Looks a bit unprofessional and may be responsible for problem 2…
    Problem 2)
    I have Group Email Subscription plugin installed. However, if I enable the option for group admins to override user preferences on mail notifications, this option appears on the Group List, and the increased amount of text overspills into the box below, creating an almighty clutter. Is it the plugin’s fault, or something to do with BP itself?

    Many thanks


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  • @mercime


    Re Problem 1)
    What theme are you using? Change to bp-default theme and see if behavior is corrected.

    Re Problem 2)
    Again, could be a theme issue.

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