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Ajax Activity

  • stuffgrid


    Hello again BP <3 from Brazil

    WP – 3.8.1
    BP – 1.9.2
    Bootstrap CSS

    I wish a grid in activity
    Than I use Bootstrap CSS in entry.php and everything it´s okay
    But when I load more or post a new activity it´s not okay 😡
    I wish load the same CSS when ajax it´s activate.
    Thanks for the hard work

    Here’s the example

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  • shanebp



    Clearly the OP does not speak English.
    But that has never been a requirement for posting a support topic.




    I’ve just removed the offending comment. Thanks for the heads-up, @shanebp.

    Renato Alves


    English Answer – @stuffgrid As I myself told you in the BuddyPress Brasil Facebook group, it is not a BP problem. The problem lies in the ajax, js conflicts that your theme is using. Besides, when I looked at it, it seems it lacked some customizations in some BP files.

    Resposta em Português – @stuffgrid Como eu mesmo te falei no grupo do Facebook do BuddyPress Brasil. O problema não é no BP, e sim está em um conflito do AJAX e do JS que seu tema está injetando. Eu também vi que algumas páginas faltava configurações/alterações, assim estava falhando quando você carregava mais atividades, por exemplo.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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