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ajax problems with customer directory

  • vusis


    i’m using:
    WP 3.1 with BP 1.2.8

    I’ve successfully created a new directory, using the ‘groups’ directory as a guideline. I’m stuck on the ajax calls. e.g. if I click on the directory I get a list of my, call them jobs, which is good. but when I start filtering i.e. I select “latest” from the drop down or , “my jobs” from the tab next to “all jobs” then the list is blank. I tried finding out where the problem is, but I have fitured out that there’s no mysql request, which means that the template is not loaded @ all.

    I also noticed that the “ajax.php” file in the templates is the one that sets the query string. what I need to know now is, how I can implement this in my custom directory.

    I hope I have given sufficient information about my problem. thanx in advance.

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