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All in One SEO bug

  • Mike Pratt


    I installed the WP plugin ALL in One SEO and found the following bug: the plugin does not seem to recognize BP natively generated pages (Members Directory, Groups Directory) and thus displays a 404 title which defaults to “Nothing found for <page title> I have not figured out how to circumvent this so I am disabling until I do. Suggestions welcome

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  • gogoplata


    I’m not sure of a true fix yet as SEO is kind of on the back burner right now for me, but temporarily I’ve just changed the title of 404 pages to my website name.

    Mike Pratt


    reactivated and did the same



    Have a look at optimal title, I think it does a similar thing to all in one seo, but maybe more compatible for buddypress? I know the older versions of optimal title doesn’t use a title hook, they have you edit the php in the template, this maybe a better solution, as it won’t be called in buddypress templates, only wordpress template pages?

    Also you may want to check out:

    They have a wordpress mu version combining seo and sitemaps.




    I struggled with the same issue just now. You’ll have a rough time getting all in one SEO to working properly because it rewrites the title from wp_head rather than through the wp_title filter. I used Headspace2 instead. This one does use the wp_title filter which means you can jump in. When you have this one working (it comes with a filter to migrate from all-in-one-SEO) just create a file in mu-plugins and add something like

    add_filter (‘wp_title’, ‘fix_my_titles’);

    function fix_my_titles ($title)


    global $bp;

    if ($bp == ‘activity’ && $bp == ‘just-me’) {

    $title = ‘My very own title for my activity page’;


    return $title;


    You can use any combination of current_component & current_action to override titles for

    all components. Returning $title will make sure Headspace2 gets to do it’s thing for the rest

    of the site.

    hope this helps,




    Does anyone know if recent versions of the plugin fixed this issue? Is enabling Custom URL’s enough?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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