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All in one WP migration & Multisite extention

  • pandraka


    Wordpress version 5.1
    BuddyPress version 4.2

    Good Morning,
    I tried putting this up yesterday in the troubleshooting forum and it disappeared. I’m guessing that was the wrong forum. Please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere.

    I have a large standalone BuddyPress site that needs to be migrated to a multisite. The multisite needs to be able to support multiple sites including other BuddyPress sites. I’ve been trying to migrate the existing site via the “All in one WP Migration” & “Multisite extension” Plugins with no success. All non-BuddyPress elements transfer correctly, there seems to be an issue though with BuddyPress Groups Profile images and Xprofile fields. None are correct once migrated. In the dashboard, I can see all the topics, and forums, but no groups. When I look at the profile fields under users there are none. Profile images are there but assigned to the wrong users. I can, however, see the groups and profile fields in the databases. I’ve been in contact with ServMask and they have suggested I reach out to the BuddyPress community. All the users should have access across the network to any of the sub-sites the desire to visit. They may have to request access to some sub-sites and other sites would just be open. The main site will act as a gateway to the sub-sites. I’ve been through the forums, it seems the plugin that would allow what I want to do is no longer supported and the other recommended plugin “BuddyPress Multi Network” hasn’t been updated since 2014. I’m I missing something? My priority is to get the site up with all the data correctly display and then build other sites out. Any help would be appreciated.

    The site uses the latest versions of all these plugins:
    Activity Log
    AddToAny Share Buttons
    Admin Bar & Dashboard Control
    bbPress Version 2.5.14
    bbPress Move Topics
    bbPress Notify Admins
    Black Studio TinyMCE
    BP Profile Search
    BuddyPress Version
    BuddyPress Docs Version
    BuddyPress Global Search
    BuddyPress Members only
    BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types
    Custom Contact Forms
    Follow My Blog Post
    GD bbPress Attachments
    Intuitive Custom Post Order
    Max Mega Menu
    Max Mega Menu – Pro Addon
    New User Approve
    Popup Maker Version
    Search & Filter Pro
    Shortcodes by Angie Makes
    The Events Calendar
    The Events Calendar: Community EventsVersion
    WP Clone by WP Academy
    WTI Like Post PRO

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