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All links related to groups redirect to home page upon upgrade

  • beanfair


    When I upgraded from Buddypress 1.2 RC to BP 1.2, all of the group related links redirect to the home page. This happens no matter which BP 1.2 theme I try.

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  • Gayatriom


    Solved this.
    Had not activated the member by email.
    i’m surprised by my idiocy at times.



    Dont touch any core files or htaccess before trying this:
    Before an upgrade or moving to other hosting save your template folders created by “BuddyPress Template Pack” for your custom WP theme (members and groups)
    Check inside your theme folders for each:
    there should be many subfolders and files
    Some hosting providers does not copy files under some subfolder level
    if those folders are empty copy those files from wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default and paste inside your custom theme.
    Please reply if this helps



    Ive found that you have to have groups enabled. If you have forums enabled, but groups disabled then if will redirect to the home page. Enable Groups and the forum will work



    Similar to the above post, if you have Forums enabled and you haven’t fully configured it, all profile links will redirect to the homepage.



    I have a similar problem but this involves my plug in I created it so that my tab shows up first when someone goes to a group. Since the newest buddy press 1.5 everything goes to a home of the group instead. Despite my redirect in my code. Also I had code to rename some of the tabs. Any idea any one please.

    Brian Bowman


    I too am having similar problems since upgrading to BP 1.5.. I have a WP 3.3 setup using BP 1.5.2 in a mulitsite ENABLED platform. Sometimes the links work properly…but in other areas of the network, links don’t.

    Background – the ‘main’ site in our multisite platform is called “”. One of our subsites is “tvhra” found at

    Overall, links seem to work fine within that site when linking to member profiles, activity, forum topics, etc….all good.

    However, from the main site (and i’m signed in as the site admin) – BP members section (found here ) – if I click on a member name, such as “Betty Kidd” who signed up originally on the blog site, her link tries to go to: – instead it just refreshs back to the designated home page for

    The url is wrong…should be going to

    Note that in the main site, all BP components are under parent page “community’, but in the subsite, the BP components are under parent page “our-community”…don’t think that’s the problem, but thought I’d point it out.

    Any thoughts on why this is acting this way and what I need to do to fix the problem? Much thanks.

    Brian Bowman


    BUMP….please help. This is pretty core functionality issues and without this working – the community aspect really can’t work. Can someone recommend a paid consultant since support doesn’t seem to be quick enough to turn this around for me (and therefore my client….). Appreciated.



    I have same problem… ALL link redirect to homepage! this after update Buddypress to 1.6.1 WordPress to 3.4.1 BBpress to 2.1.2

    i am desperated… thousand of users can’t use my site… please help me please



    Resolved, delete 302 redirect on haccess.

Viewing 9 replies - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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