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[Resolved] All pages except My Account page is not displaying

  • lewis1202



    all BuddyPress pages are displaying correctly. I can click on other profiles, the registration page, etc. Those are working. But if I click on My Account, or I log into another account I’ve created on a different PC, same thing happens. I see nothing.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • danbp


    The output of the My Account BuddyBar menu is deprecated since 2.1.

    Can you please give details about your install ?

    WP&BP version, theme and plugins list.

    What is the url of My Account ?



    It was working two days ago. Not sure why it has suddenly stopped.

    WP Version – 4.6
    BP Version – 2.6.2

    My Account URL –

    I am using Gameon Theme.

    Plugin List –


    BJ Lazy Load


    Contact Form by Supsystic

    Content Views

    Content Views Pro

    Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

    Google XML Sitemaps

    MyArcadePlugin Pro



    PopUp by Supsystic

    PopUp by Supsystic PRO

    Revolution Slider

    Shortcodes Ultimate

    Super Socializer

    Uber Login Logo

    W3 Total Cache

    WP Add Custom CSS

    WP Live Chat Support

    WP Live Chat Support Pro

    WP Sitemap Page

    Yoast SEO



    /myaccount does no more exist ! BP doesn’t use such an item actually.
    I’m unable to tell you from where the issue cames from (theme or plugin), but you can easily know it if you deactivate all your plugins except BP and test it with a Twenty theme.

    Normally you wouldn’t see My Account – it’s no more used. See the above BP user menu, under Howdy to get an idea how it is actually.
    When you reactivate Gameon and see the button, you’ll know it’s a theme issue. If not, you do the same thing with each plugin until you find the one who fires My Account.

    It is also possible that you use some custom code related to BuddyNav or a cache system?

    If you determine that it’s your theme, you have to contact it’s support and ask there. Unfortunately, it’s a premium one for which we can’t help you, as we have no access to it’s code. Also, was it recently updated, which can explain why that link stopped to work for you ?



    How does a member view their profile? And change settings etc. Would I have to click on the members page and go from there? Or is there supposed to be a profile BP user menu like the one above?



    I have managed to fix the problem. I created a page called My Account and placed it in the top menu. I was supposed to put the BuddyPress profile page there instead.

    Now im just baffled as to how it was working the other day, considering it’s a different page. Oh well haha. It’s working now anyway.

    Thank you for your prompt replies and help.



    Profiles are handled on the mandatory BP members page.
    And yes you’re supposed to go to your-site/members/USERNAME/profile/ via the usermenu which is in the top-right corner of the toolbar (like on this forum) or from any profile, via the buddynav.

    Glad you got it !

    FYI, see eventl. here:



    Hi can any one help me figure out what’s happening with my profile page.

    I’ve installed the Buddypress website. When I’m checking the navigation bar in members and Vito profile. It’s coming up blank.

    The link to my profile page comes up as mysite/profile
    Also groups is doing the same mysite/group



    All other links are working fine



    @mlvc1958, can you provide an URL ?

    Activate debug in wp-config.php and check for php notices or warnings you maybe receive.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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