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Allowing users to type in Uppercase letters for the username

  • Hi, is there anyway I can allow people to type in uppercase letters for the username without giving them an error (perhaps force all the letters to lowercase) as well as in logging in forcing all the username login to lowercase.

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  • danbpfr


    use css text-transform property

    {text-transform:uppercase;} = all the word

    {text-transform:capitalize;} = the first letter of a word



    @Chouf1 If I understand correctly, I can insert those 2 CSS properties anywhere in my stylesheet and if someone registers with a username such as JohnDoe, the won’t be an error message?





    I’ve run in to this with importing a userbase to a Buddypress install. WordPress likes login names to be lowercase, with no spaces, and no non-alphanumerics (except, I think for dashes (‘-‘).

    Users can, of course, make their display name anything they like.

    The follow-on problem though, is with @username notifications in BP1.2+, which work on the login name and not the display name, so if a user has the login username johnsmith and the display name John, only @johnsmith will work.

    (I’ve also just recently encountered a problem in that usernames with dashes cause @notifications to fail. That is, if a username is johnsmith, @johnsmith works, but if his username is john-smith @john-smith fails.)



    CSS is only a solution for display.

    stwc is right.

    Did you read this ?

    there is, maybe, a solution in the post.: a plugin as below to allow non-ansi character account name

    typcally a good question for @DJPaul i think…. ;-)



    Chris Houghton


    Here we go – easier than I thought it would be to fix this.

    Go to bp-core/bp-core-signup.php and find the following line:

    $account_details = bp_core_validate_user_signup( $_POST['signup_username'], $_POST['signup_email'] );

    Add this line directly below it:


    It just transforms usernames typed in multiple cases in the username field to only lowercase letters.

    avoid hacking the core – you can use the filter

    apply_filters( 'bp_core_validate_user_signup'

    which returns an array of user_name, user_email, errors after bp_core_validate_user_signup fires

    Chris Houghton


    You’re probably right about that….

    Sorry – I’m still getting to grips with everything PHP and Buddypress – where would you add that filter?

    actually, after looking over the signup – that woudn’t be the correct filter; seems $bp->signup->username = $_POST['signup_username']; is assigned after



    i would like to add this to my functions.php, anyone know how that would look like?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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