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Alternatives to these WP plugins

  • Kunal17


    This is my first time with Buddypress and WPMU. My previous experience has all been with regular WP. I use the following plugins to make life easier with my other regular blogs and I really miss them when working on Buddypress.

    I know that I probably should post this in a WPMU forum but I am not sure that all WPMU plugins are compatible with buddypress.

    Can anyone recommend alternatives to these plugins that would work with Buddypress?

    1)All in one SEO (SEO)

    2) Statpress Reloaded (Traffic Stats)

    3) Add to any (Digg, Twitter, stumbleupon buttons)

    4) Google Analyticator (Easily add google analytics code sitewide)

    5) Google-sitemap-generator (create xml sitemaps)

    6) ozh-admin-drop-down-menu (More efficient dashboard)

    7) Redirection (To strip www)

    8) Theme test drive (to help with customization)

    Also, if you have tried one of the above directly with your WPMU buddypress installation and it has worked that would be great too.

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