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Another headache with bp-activity stream comments

  • jbboro3


    When everything seems to be working fine – just noticed that Activity comments actually doesn’t collapse after “Load more” button. For the first page it normally collapse after 5 comments but that feature disappears when “load more” button is clicked. It doesn’t work even if the load more button is translated to infinity scrolling.. Looks like there needs to be made whole lot changes in js files (buddypress.min.js)..

    Also, threaded replies doesn’t collapse even after 10-20 replies. Being social networking plugin, if those features are not working, it’s tough to get going anywhere further.. It’s a basic thing to fix. Users can’t scroll 200-300 replies down the page just to see the next post..

    I saw older post regarding the same issues (some post as old as 5-6 years) but seems bp developers have stopped working on it.. The issue is apparently not with the themes (as I’ve tried with multiple themes including the default wp-themes), the results are all the same.

    If someone has any suggestions or notice the same problem can join this thread.


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  • danbp


    Perhaps simply use a show/hide comments button ?

    Read here:



    @danbp This may help for the comments loading after “load more” button..

    Can this be implemented on the replies section (i.e 2nd level threaded comments)? Because for now, threaded replies doesn’t collapse either. When I see the entry.php & comment.php all the divisions are wrapped in ‘activity-comments’ There is no distinction IDs & classes between comments and replies (2nd level comments or threaded). They are all counted or put under as comments-replies together. I think there needs to re-write some of the template files or put relevant separate classes for both comments and replies to be successfully work with js.. Pre-loading the comments by default hide property may do the tricks but that’s no easy task for a guy like those who are relatively new to buddypress.
    Any suggestions?




    As often with customization, it’s a matter of compromise… By default you see the nesting. Now you have a comment toggle.

    This is wrong: There is no distinction IDs & classes between comments and replies.

    The comment button code is
    <a href="<?php bp_activity_comment_link(); ?>" class="button acomment-reply bp-primary-action" id="acomment-comment-<?php bp_activity_id(); ?>"><?php printf( __( 'Comment %s', 'buddypress' ), '<span>' . bp_activity_get_comment_count() . '</span>' ); ?></a>

    The reply link code is
    <a href="#acomment-<?php bp_activity_comment_id(); ?>" class="acomment-reply bp-primary-action" id="acomment-reply-<?php bp_activity_id(); ?>-from-<?php bp_activity_comment_id(); ?>"><?php _e( 'Reply', 'buddypress' ); ?></a>

    At least there is a difference in the ID’s ! No ? 🙂

    That said, you have only one activity and X comments for it. That replies are for the activity itself or replies to replies (to replies to replies of replies etc) inside that activity, makes no difference. All this is considered as a conversation attached to this activity.

    Each comment/reply has is own ID. But toggling inside what i described before would be a bit complicated.

    If you have long discussion inside your site activity, perhaps consider this plugin

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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