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Any way to nest all bbpress sub-forums under buddypress group?

  • daniellekong


    [I posted this in the bbPress support forum but posting here too in case it’s more relevant here]

    I set up bbPress following the steps in “C. Set Up Group Forums Only” in these instructions:

    To test the group forums, I created a main category called “Group Forums” to be the parent of all group forums. (I don’t know why I have to do this, but I did what the instructions said. Anyone know why this is necessary if I just don’t create any forums outside of groups?)

    I have a forum under a buddypress group with the permalink structure /groups/group-name/forum/

    I then created a sub-forum but when I click on it the permalink structure changes to /forums/forum/group-forums/group-forum-name/sub-forum-name/
    Which means that I’m now taken out of the groups page and in a separate forums page instead.

    Is it possible to change it so that all sub-categories and sub-forums stay within the group?

    This is necessary for the community I’m trying to create so that the page design is consistent and users don’t feel like they’re out of the group when they click on sub-forums.

    Any help with this would be appreciated!

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