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applicant creation

  • jcc5018


    Hey, I am using BP 1.9.1 and WP 3.8. I am attempting to create a photography webpage that has a bit of social interaction with it.

    I got bp up and running with custom profile fields but I was hoping there was a way to make this less about a profile but more so an application for future photo clients. So when a user is filling out their birthday, contact info and bio that would describe themselves so I can best plan their session, I don’t necessarily want this viewable to the public, I only need that information for my business.

    But for each page, once they have a photo session with me, I plan on uploading their purchased photos to each album, and if the user chooses, they can create a public profile that describes their experience with me, or share their photos on social networks. I may also attempt to make this their proofing page, so access would only be granted to the specific user.

    I also will have an option that allows people to choose why they are signing up for the site. Not everyone will be a prospective client, some will simply be signing up as a promotor so I need their information for that purpose. then their profiles will return their commissions.

    So i need plugins that will store the contact information, and their interest in the site as it will affect the pages they have access too.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this happen, whether on buddy press or not?

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