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Apply WordPress Discussion Settings to Buddypress Forum

  • notpoppy


    Is it possible to apply the Discussion Settings I have set up for commenting on my WordPress site to what people can post in the Buddypress forum?

    I have a list of spam-related and abusive words in the Comment Moderation for the Discussion Settings which helps keep unwanted comments out of the blog. I would like to apply these to the Buddypress forum but it seems you can’t.

    Is there a plugin for this? Is this something that could be considered for a future version of Buddypress?

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  • danbpfr


    hi @notpoppy,

    no it’s not possible. WP post comments are not forum discussions.
    And the BP included bbPress forum as no settings for such.

    If you use BP 1.6.x with the bbPress 2.2.4 plugin for a standalone forum, you can plug bbPress, but this cannot be done if you have group forums.

    If you use BP 1.7 and bbP 2.3, every thing becames possible, but you have to wait a little, both are still in beta…

    That said, each WP comes with Askimet, the theoretical nec plus ultra of comments anti-spam, whitch protect the comments, the activity stream, etc
    Search on this forum, you’ll find many discussions about spam and what to do/use….
    Even if no definetly solution exist.



    First, thanks for the speedy reply!

    I do have group forums so I guess that limits my choices a bit. Guess I’ll have to sit tight and wait for Buddypress 1.7 and BBPress forums 2.3…



    .. and sipping a cup of tea, yes 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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