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Approve groups before they are listed

  • bplove


    Is there a way to approve groups before they get listed in the public group list? We want to encourage users to create groups, but do not want to enable anyone to create any group without approval.

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  • Tosh


    I’d like to see the ability to approve groups before they go live as well.



    would very much like to see that, or be able to assign a permissions level for who can actually create a group.

    eg., default permission on registering with site is subscriber. if person gets bumped up a level or two he/she is now able to create groups.



    Boone Gorges


    @bmunch Your suggestion (groups can be created only by users of a certain level) would be much easier to implement than true moderation of group creation. You’d just have to wrap some of the “create a group” elements in the UI in a `if ( current_user_can() )` check, and maybe add a few such checks at the top of some key group creation functions.

    With real group moderation, a lot of admin overhead is required: a UI for admins to see pending/approved groups (Group Management doesn’t do that, but it could be a step in that direction, as BPGM has all the necessary hooks and filters); a notification system to let admins know when a group is pending; a notification system to let users know when their groups have been approved; the backend functions necessary to create and check a piece of group metadata saying whether the group has been approved. This could conceivably be accomplished with a plugin (though I can think of one or two places where additional filters would be required in BP’s core code), but it would take a lot of work. Maybe one of you is up for the job :)





    The approval of new groups would be a really desired feature. I am using both plugins listed above, but would like users to create their own groups with an admin approval process.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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