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Are the BuddyPress developers stupid?

  • vml857


    Seriously. All I want is to make a simple button that links to the current users profile without having to lean PHP and there is nothing. Something I could easily do with any other page on my site. There is literally people begging for a simple solution going back at least eight years!!! And BuddyPress devs are twiddling their thumbs and counting the cash they duped a-holes like me. If I have to Lear PHP then why do I need BuddyPress?!!

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  • shanebp


    …counting the cash…

    BuddyPress is free – what cash are you talking about?

    Use this url to send any logged-in user to their profile page:
    Important! – replace with the actual name of your site.
    Then add that url to the link or button that you have created.

    Thanks for your reply @shanebp.

    As one of the BuddyPress lead developers, I confirm everyone in the development team is giving their time freely.

    There are probably improvements we can bring to documentation to help you find replies more easily. To achieve this we need contributions. You are welcome (like every user) to help us, oh and contributing to an open source project is also free (just in case…).



    Thank you. Please put that in your documentation so others are not skimming dozens of outdated topics and YouTube videos, I beg of you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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