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Auto ”load more” activity stream items when scroll reaches the bottom of the page

  • juanmaguerrero


    Hi! I’m trying to emulate facebook “auto-load-more” activity, that when the user scroll down to almost the bottom of the activity stream page, more items are automatically added at the bottom of all and so on.
    Below is another comment of mine with the code for you to apply on your site. I’ve accomplished the feature but yet didn’t have the time to make it a plugin, so, you’ll have to copy/paste the code on your site for now…

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  • Brajesh Singh


    Thank you for the mention.
    I just put that for the community as I was implementing it in one of my upcoming themes(too much delayed).

    It is not about competition, It is about making the things accessible to everyone 🙂 I support the idea of having multiple solutions, so the community is the winner and not individuals. I hope that the plugins can co-exist.

    The waiting for loading is not an issue. I left that because I wanted to show the load more button with spin moving. You can just deduct let us say 200 here

    So, the loading will start when the user is 200px above the end of activity listings. Also, I am just using a simple variable to track the activity loading request in progress. So, there is no performance issue(It will never send multiple requests). Just thought should clarify here.



    @sbrajesh I have to say you are good at what you do! I appreciate your body of work as I am sure others do. That is why I mentioned it here because you have a great alternative and I have respect for you in a positive way. Anyway, thank you!




    Of course, as @sbrajesh says, there’s no competition that’s why I just mentioned a couple of things from my point of view so that Brajesh could see them and have his conclusion (which he did) just trying to add some value.

    I have been a registered member of Brajesh site for long so I am also respectful and thankful for his works and effort.

    So, in resume, everything’s ok. And Brajesh, thanks for your clarifications.





Viewing 3 replies - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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