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Automatic Friend Requests

  • kalico


    Every time I manually create a new user on my multisite (via the admin interface) the new user instantly gets THREE “friend requests” from existing users. The minute the new user logs in after registration, they already have these three notifications waiting.

    I found one thread (3 years old) that describes something similar — but it’s related to the Invite Anyone plugin, the friend request comes from the Group Admin when a user responds to an invitation. I do use the Invite Anyone plugins, so I added this filter:

    add_filter( ‘invite_anyone_send_friend_requests_on_acceptance’, ‘__return_false’ );

    But it’s not changing anything as far as I can tell. I’m not even sure that the IA plugin is responsible. I’ve logged in as the users who are “sending” these automated friend requests, and I can’t find anything that they can do to force sending a friend request to new users.

    Any ideas at all where I should look for the cause?

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