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Backend functions don't work after update

  • mark-ter-s


    Hello Everybody, i seem to have a strange problem,

    yesterday i updated my buddypress plugin to v 1.7,
    It all worked fine eventually but it changed some code in my header so i had to replace header.php with one from my backup to get it correct again.

    The front end from the site is perfect and appears nothing is wrong,
    but in de admin backend there are some problems.

    My Widget control panel is “frozen” i cant select or move the widgets shown in the “available widget” field and the bars on the right side where you normally drag and drop the widgets are completely gone.

    The part where you make new blogpost/messages is gone, the only thing remaining is the titel field.

    The same thing happend to the create new page option, when clicking “new page” the only thing that appears is the titel field and the rest is gone.

    I use wordpress 3.5.1 with the child theme Buddypress columns, that works with buddypress default, changing the theme to Buddypress default or Twentytwelve doenst make any changes,

    Anybody knows what happenend?

    Thanks in advance

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