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bad certificate in BP French

  • Kial_Mi_46130


    Trying to learn documentation of BuddyPress in french, Iwas stopped by Firefox with an “imperative” :

    « utilise un certificat de sécurité invalide. Le certificat n’est valide que pour les noms suivants : *, »

    That means a bad certificat coming from fr.buddypres.
    Can you do thomething in order to permit documentation consulting,

    With thanks.

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  • I’ll get it reported, but don’t expect any immediate fix. It’s beyond our immediate control.

    John James Jacoby


    Hi there! Where did you get the URL from? I have a hunch the reason you’re seeing this is because subdomains more than 1 level deep aren’t covered by our certificate, but I also don’t think we use those anywhere. If we do, we should correct those URLs to be more friendly.

    That said, I suspect keeping codex content synchronized across multiple languages will be a pain. Maybe it’s easier (though obviously not very welcoming or inviting) to machine translate from English?



    Namaste JJJ, I received the address of BuddyPress forum in response to the same question on the Codex … and translated by Google (while trying to be aware of nonsense or against the grain, which implies to know a little English). Anyway, I never paid attention to this aspect of security, particularly because of its complexity, my priorities are elsewhere!
    Thanks for responding.



    I forgot: I agree with JJJ, it is possible, indeed, that the certificate rendered ineffective by sinking a level. Djpaul thank you, anyway, I do not pretend to require the resolution of my problem, I agree that you care about other priorities. However, it is useful to allow non-English speakers (or not Anglophile) to deepen their knowledge of this extension is due.
    Thank you all.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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