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Bad Link to Profile Edit

  • elemunjeli


    All of the links on my profile seem to be working except the edit link which extends the url to say …profile/edit/group/1

    I enabled and disabled groups, created a group but it doesn’t make any difference, I can’t get anything but a 404. I also reset permalinks. I’m using the default BP theme, and haven’t seen any other conflicts with my main theme. I also changed over to twenty twelve and the issue persisted.

    I’m on 3.5.2 and BP 1.8
    The site is here:

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  • StuartManning


    Also experiencing this issue.

    A “Google” of the issue show it’s pretty old.

    Same situation as @elemunjeli and have tried several installs and have not yet got this to work.



    strange can you tell me what is the full url of your profile page?



    is the correct structure as in

    The ‘group’ refers to a profile group.
    The ‘1’ means the base group as set up here:



    I’m also on

    WordPress 3.6
    BuddyPress 1.8

    And I get:


    And get a 404



    yes this is something easily manageable but if it is continue sly giving error than create an account (test) for me, i will enter and will check.

    Thanks, looking forward to account details.



    This topic is still unresolved. I’m running BP with the default theme and have tried it on the twenty twelve theme as well as two others. There’s still no edit page available on profile. The site is at and you can reach the profiles from the main menu under members.

    The base group doesn’t exist. When I enabled groups and went to the first base tab, it was group2. If this was supposed to create on install, it failed, and I’ve installed more than once and disabled many plugins which may have affected the process.

    It’s hard for me to believe such an obvious error is not supported with any real feedback. I did a perfectly normal install and it has not worked yet. This is a glaring error in the software – a social network where people can’t modify their profiles? A bug that shows up on a default theme and a regular install?

    If there’s a code workaround I can implement it, but no one has yet to even come up with a vague suggestion of how or why the plugin is failing.

    This is not an obvious or Glaring error; I can’t reproduce any issue with editing the profile groups, naturally logged in as the member in question or as site admin.

    Enabling groups is not a related matter to editing user profile screens.

    We can’t get an idea of what may be wrong from your site link as we’re not members so can’t edit profiles, although I note that no profile is shown to logged out users.

    I can only suggest testing again on an absolutely pared down install bp-default theme and no plugins running other than BP, and if still not functioning your site install would need examining in detail.



    So I thought I would shed some light on this issue. Since I’ve seen so many threads regarding it and I was having same issue.

    this is regarding 404 error page if you are on page profile/edit/group/1/

    Problem is group 1 is missing in your profile section.

    All you need to do is go into you DB and look for table: wp_bp_xprofile_groups

    Then look for id=2, Base

    then just change id=2 to 1 and that’s it.

    Have fun! 🙂



    Same issue here, I’m afraid. Breakster proposition does not make a difference.



    Now i Have the same problem in my site…

    Hi, in my web when i go to edit profile it was redirect to some page group, and my members can edit the profile.

    the pages are:

    then i click edit profile

    and its come to:

    but immediately is redirect to:

    and i can’t find the problem.

    Please i need help with this.




    Not that it helps but I’m having the same problem on my site. Except on my site it is going to when you go to the profile edit page.

    Anyone know if there a way for the admin to manually change a users profile settings. That’s at least 0 a temporary work around.



    I did find out that the profile edit button is linking to the groups page. It should link to the profile edit page… How does that get fixed or what is the fix for that?

    I know that it is going to the groups page because I changed the slug of the groups page to see what would happen. The edit profile button now goes to the new groups slug that I created for my user groups.



    I’m having the exact same issue. Change avatar works perfectly, as does just viewing the profile. However if I click edit, then I get redirected to a non profile page (in my case I have a page “editorial” that I get directed to instead of the group/1, but I had that behavior at one point when I re-wrote all the rules to use “change-profile” instead of “edit” as the action.)

    I have found that if I uncheck the Extended Profiles component from the BuddyPress setup, then it works just fine. So it’s definitely related to xprofiles.

    I’m running 3.8.2 and 1.9.2.

    Very interested to see if there is a fix to this one. For now I’ve disabled the xprofile component so the users of this site can update their profiles at least.



    I am having the exact same issue. BP 1.9.2. xProfiles seemed to be working, but now I’m getting to a blank groups page similar to other users. I have removed BuddyPress and re-added, but no fix. This has totally hosed my site. How can I get it fixed?



    For anyone interested, there might be solutions for you here:
    A possible fix in a pastebin link, a possible link to Nextgen plugin misbehaving.

    Turning off/deleting nextgen did it for me, for 99% of my users.
    I still had issues with one of my user, the nicename had an underscore character in it where all the other had a hyphen. When I changed the underscore to an hyphen directly in the DB, it fixed it for this user too.

    Hope it helps.



    Deactivating the NexGen plugin worked for me! Thanks!



    Hi I have the same probelm with “edit my profile”. when I’m logged in as an admin it works fine, redirecting me ok, but when i log in as a member it takes me to my membership page. anyone has fixed this? and i’m not using nextgen plugin at all, so the above solution doesnt work for me.



    and after disabling “the extended profiles” my page was a total mess!

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