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bbPress and BuddyPress not syncing

  • vincenzon617


    I am using bbPress and BuddyPress within my site, BuddyPress for accounts/profiles and bbPress for forums. When a user comments on the site, it is displayed on the topic and within the user’s profile in their activity stream, which is great. However, when the user deletes their comment/reply (within the topic that the reply was made), it is not deleted in their profile and can still be seen. This is also the case if the user deletes their comment/reply from within their profile.

    It seems as though bbPress and BuddyPress are not syncing with one another. Are there any fixes for this issue?

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  • gayan perera


    Not working post and images sharing option on the wall. Please correct that error on the bpress. Can’t any one share post on the wall.

    gayan perera


    Admin can share post and images on the wall. But Visitors can’t share. Not working share button

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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