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bbpress installation/configuration doc – Help I lost the link to it!

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    About 2 weeks ago i successfully installed/configured bbpress into buddypress.

    There was a link in this forum somewhere. I clicked it and it went to a document that seemed to be on a dev site.

    Dummy that i am I did not bookmark the link…

    I have search all day hopeing to find the link (on the bbpress forum as well) with no results.

    Does anyone else know where the link to this doc could be?

    Clicking on the link brings up a page not on buddypress and not another “how-to” website.

    It is just a straight formatted document in plain text.

    It IS the way to get things working with buddypress/bbpress.

    Anyone have an inkling?

    Bhueler? anyone?

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    Trent Adams


    If you look through my sticky post in at the top of these forums, there are links to other people’s integration guides as well throughout the thread.


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