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bbpress plugins – is it possible ?

  • Aphrodite


    Hi !

    I am quite disopoited about the forum part of this greaaaaaaat buddypress. No traditionnal forum functions, at least some nice editor, smileys (that is fundamental !!!!! and manage/add as many we want), quotes, image link insertion, etc. Well, a forum huh !

    Tried some extension (bpckeditor) without any success.

    My questions :

    – is it possible to integrate directly bbpress plugins (in the my-plugins folder, and if yes how to ?
    – Does anyone have successfully installe some enhanced editor ?
    – This forum part is on the roadmap I saw. What news about that ?

    Great thanks !

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  • bbPress has been/is being re-written for its next big release; I imagine there will be a stable release out soon next year.
    It is possible to use bbPress plugins, but they will need an external integration of bbPress, rather than the two-click install in the BuddyPress admin settings. This requires a degree of technical knowledge to get working properly; I don’t have a link to instructions myself, but hopefully someone will come along and share a link :)



    @aphrodite @DJPaul had a great tutorial (July 2009 – 42 steps in my notes) integrating bbPress 1.0.2, WPMU 2.8.4a, BuddyPress 1.0.3 which worked perfectly in old testbed but the link goes to 404 page now. I wouldn’t know if the integration would have held up with the code changes in current BP and WP versions.

    There’s an older tutorial,_BuddyPress,_and_bbPress which I never tried before but might help you.

    As it is, you might want to wait till bbPress-the-plugin version rolls out after bbPress 1.0.3 is released –

    There’s a premium BuddyPress Global Forums plugin which I am using right now. You have a sitewide forum which integrates with BP’s group forum component or not depending on preference.

    Good luck.



    Just to give a quick summary:

    – current standalone bbPress plugins are possible to use with BuddyPress, but they need to be ported over to WordPress/BuddyPress. Check out Rich’s BP Forum Extras plugin, which combines a few of them:

    – forum editor tutorial:


    – lastly, like Paul mentioned, bbPress is getting a major rewrite from an external script to a WordPress plugin. This will directly impact BuddyPress in version 1.3/1.4. Don’t worry too much about it now. Just use the BuddyPress’ forum setup as-is. Everything will sort itself out!



    That’s a good news. In fact so many people ask for that I thought it would be taken in consideration and thats a kind of confirmation.

    Well, I have read the markitup tuto, in fact this is for the moment much for my actual competencies in dev.

    The bp tinymce is good but not enough. I tried th bpckeditor, but impossible to have it working, i think i have js conflict with something.

    Was hoping that the “advanced tinymce” used in WP could be implemented though, but remain the problem of emoticons management. This is THE thing we need. Although emots are not fundamental for something like this forum, quite technical and a bit “serious”, it is absolutly necessary on a “funny” forum whatever its thematic is !

    Well, waiting so :)




    I just wanted to say that bpckeditor works great on my buddypress forum, and gives my site users an excellent visual editor!

    I am running wordpress 3.04 and bbpress 1.2.7.

    I installed and actived bpckeditor, then modified the customconfig, path to ckeditor and URL to ckeditor fields on the bpckedit settings page.

    You should set the customconfig path to not the one in the bpckeditor/ckedit/ directory. Reload your forum and hey hey a visual editor!

    Hope this helps


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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