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Bottom – BuddyPress powered Bible study

  • a site that uses my just released Biblefox for WordPress plugin to detect Bible references in BP activities. It has a Bible Directory, that is just like the Activity Directory, except that it displays a Bible passage and filters activities by that Bible reference, creating a simple social network Bible commentary!

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  • @mercime


    Cool @rvenable. I know some groups who would be interested in using this plugin. Will be checking it out. Thank you.

    Whoa. Thanks to @moosh101, I realized my sign up page was busted. I fixed it now, but that wasn’t good timing for the sign up page to break.

    Thanks @mercime. My plugin is in active development. It is still early on, but I am really wanting some good feedback on ways to improve it, so let me know your thoughts when you try it out.

    I need a Catholic version of this. How difficult is it to add a translation to this?



    Hi Richard, I’m very new at this. I really want to edit my home page to appear like yours. Basically first half would be a static HTML and then Site Activity below. How were you able to add the Site Activity below? Please help! Thank you, Raymond

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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