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Block user plugin??

  • RonVaradero


    I am looking for a plugin, that allowes one user to block another user, so he cant write him mesages or mentions. And i wonder why there is no one. i think there is a need for a plugin like that or another solution to solve this.

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  • funmi omoba


    +1, i think all this basic functions matters alot

    Jose Conti



    It is not exactly the same, but you can use WangGuard and the users can report to the admin the spammer users

    Kind regards



    but by wang guard that user will be blocked permanently but we want by which 1 user can not contact other



    @admin i think it iseasy to implement.u can do very easily.make a plugin by which a block button comes in user profile .if any user block another user and blocked user if try to contact user who blocked him ….shows another page …means it redirect to another page which is this user doesnt exist plese search another.
    so please make this plugin if possible.thankyou

    @praveshraheja this is another old thread, as stated in the other please don’t open old threads You have asked this question in your own thread and I responded for the moment until anyone else has any ideas leave it there -. at mentioning ‘admin’ isn’t a user on this site and asking this ? person to build you a plugin not appropriate – it’s also not a straightforward thing to do. 🙂

    Closing this thread too!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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