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Blog Avatar choice for ‘Blogs Directory’

  • Jonski


    If I set up a buddypress multisite network and have the blog directory enabled, using the default buddypress theme, when I click on ‘blogs’ I see a list of blogs with an avatar next to the title. Perhaps it’s an issue with that theme. I set up some blogs as super admin, my avatar is shown next to the blogs. Some of these blogs are now managed by others and I would like their avatar to be listed with the blog title. I have made them administrator of the blog, I have changed the admin email address for the blog to theirs, but still my avatar is featured next to the blog listing.

    I decided to remove myself on 2 blogs. Now on one the blogs in the list avatar of the editor is shown instead of the admin, on the other the avatar of an author is shown, in preference to the editor, or admin user accounts.

    If the blogs have to show the avatar of one of the users next to the title (I think it would be better to choose and avatar for the blog) surely you should be able to choose a user, but I can’t see any way.

    It seems to use the avatar of the first registered author or above.
    If I put myself back as a user of the blog it uses mine again.

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  • mollyfud


    I have a similar issue to this. It would be great if it changed that you could maybe choose the avatar or even maybe get the Favicon of the blog or better yet, make it customizable!



    I have the same issue!

    We had same issue, here is what we did:
    1.) remove all users from site except the one you want in control
    2.) change that user’s role to administrator
    3.) then you can add back in other users you removed from that site BUT ONLY AS SUBSCRIBERS.
    – new users going forward should not cause a problem

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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