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Blog URLs under BP structure?

  • I hate reposting, but this forum looks like it’d be more helpful than the “Creating & Extending” section. If a mod could delete the other one, I’d appreciate it. :)

    Currently, new blogs in WP (under directories-mode) show up as:{username}
    And Buddypress URLs are:{username}/action

    I’d get the WP blogs to appear as:{username}/blog{username}/blog/2010/08/postnamehere.html{username}/blog/pagenamehere.html -or-{username}/blog/page/pagenamehere.html

    Though, if somehow possible, maybe make the pages show up without the “/blog” tag:{username}/page/pagenamehere.html

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to achieve at least the first part of the examples above. I know it could potentially create long URLs, depending on the permalinks structure, but I’d rather keep everything neatly under as uniform as possible. I’m a permalinks-fanatic like that. As of now, I’m only in the development phase, so I’m willing to change whatever files needed to gain this functionality. I have WordPress 3.0 with multisites enabled (currently in sub-domains, but will change to directories to test any theories), and the latest stable Buddypress is installed.

    If there are some really severe (showstopping) side-effects to even attempting such a scheme, then by all means, let me know in detail. “I don’t prefer that” is not a valid reason, though.

    Sorry for the huge post, but a thousand thanks in advance for the assistance! I realize a lot of this could be achieved by paying someone an insane amount of money (and if I really must, I can), but I’ll never learn that way.

    (PS: Would there be a way of forcing all blogs to use a certain structure, with no possibility of changing it?)

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  • Anyone have even the slightest clue? My brain is going crazy trying to figure it out.

    No idea. Certainly is going to involve hacking something somewhere. I was going to suggest that you try changing the permalink_structure option (or filter $wp_rewrite) but, even if that worked, you’d still need to be be able to dynamically put the username into it, and then perhaps other links in BuddyPress might break (not sure).

    I think a solution would involve changing the WP_HOME option or constant on a per-site basis. Off the top of my head I can’t think up a way of grabbing a sites’ “username” earlier enough to be able to then edit WP_HOME.

    Thanks for the reply, Paul. I really appreciate it.

    That $wp_rewrite sounds like the right direction. As soon as I find out where WP-MS creates the blogs, I think I’ll tinker around and try to create a plug-in to automatically intercept the blog creation process.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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