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Blogs disappear from the buddypress user blog list

  • Just upgraded to r635 and I lost some recent blog posts entries in the widget. It only leaves two blog post: my blog post and another one belong to the default ‘admin’ user. Other users blog information in are missing. Buddypress said that they haven’t created any blogs yet, which is wrong.

    The blog list in the WPMU admin is OK. The blogs are still there, but it’s not listed in the user blog list (except for my user & the admin user). So I assume it’s a relational issue

    Buddypress use separate table to list each user blogs isn’t it? Can someone tell me where to look for the mistake? I’ve checked wp_bp_user_blogs but I see no problem (every users are related with their blogs).

    I’m sorry but I didn’t recall which revision number I used before the upgrade.

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  • check their privacy.

    Bingo! that was the problem. Thanks…



    I am running into this same problem on my site, except adjusting the privacy options didn’t really do anything. The blogs are still set to “Public” mode, unless there is something else I’m misisng?

    Please don’t resurrect 5 month old topics. Start a new one with your questions and provide info on your wpmu/bp versions.



    good call djpaul, just wanting to post an update incase anyone else visited this thread with the same issue, that it is in fact still a problem for me running the latest version of BP and wpmu. I’ll start a new thread and link it back to here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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