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Blogs List not showing anything?

  • I have the latest WP and BuddyPress running but when I access both the Members and Groups pages they show up fine but when I select Blogs, the screen shows a completely blank page. Am I missing some files or something? I seem to have blogs.dir directory access permissions fine. The folder just seems to be missing the components that allow me to list all blogs. Any ideas whats going on?

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  • Its almost as if the Blogs button under the Community tab is pointing to the wrong location. Is this right?



    It could most probably be a theme issue. Change theme to bp-default theme and see if your blogs directory shows up.

    I tried what you suggested but still the same thing. Its like it missing pages. Can anyone please check their blogs and blogs.dir directory and let me know what files they contain because both my blogs and blogs.dir directories are empty.



    Where did you install your core WP – domain root, physical subdomain or subdirectory?

    Did you install it manually via FTP/cpanel (best for multisite and BP) or via webhost scripts like fantastico, simplescripts (borks many multisite and BP installs)?

    When you created your network, did you go subdomain or subdirectory configuration?
    All subsites whether subdomain or subdirectory are all virtual subsites. All posts are in database.
    blogs.dir will contain uploaded files for subsites and organized in monthly/yearly subfolders.

    Is BP activated at primary site or in secondary (subsite) site?

    What’s in your .htaccess file?

    Hello – I had just reinstalled a fresh copy of BP today and got the groups and forums working. However with my WPMU install I found that in my custom theme my blogs directory is not being rendered. It’s blank:

    Can you kindly tell me where to find or add in my theme any code needed to make it show?

    I found that my theme was missing blogs-loop.php in my wp-content/themes//blogs folder

    I was able to find any missing files to make the themes work by looking in this plugin/package:

    I have exactly the same problem and still i have the bp-template-pack installed and activated :|

    I can see the site main page but not my registration test page

    I have tested with the default bp theme and still having the very same problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    I tried creating a test blog, however once created I got the message ‘Error establishing a connection to database’ coming up everytime I tried accessing the subdomain. I have the site set to create new blogs not at subdomains but sub-folders. Would this error also be an indication of why the blogs index isn’t working?

    Did you two copy the bp-themes/bp-default/blogs folder to your custom themes?

    I just found this thread again and thanks to myself for fixing my problem AGAIN. I updated my theme again and laughed at how quickly I forget lol

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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