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BP 1.3.4 default theme css questions

  • p2ab


    I’m trying to edit the colors on the default theme, I created a child theme and style.css and am doing edits in there.

    There are three things I really want to change:
    – Link color
    – Font color for posts and such
    – header background color (the header here is more my style)

    I thought I found the link color, but it appears not. Looking for # throughout the default.css takes a while 🙂

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  • bp-help


    @p2ab There was no BP 1.3.4 version, do you mean BP 1.6.4? Use firefox extension firebug or chromes developers tools to target the elements you wanna change because there is many links, font shouldn’t be hard to target, and the header on here is a gradient so you will need a tool like colorpic to inspect the color range and add it to your CSS



    Thanks, bphelp.

    I found the color in the bp-default default.css. I made a copy of the file, edited it, uploaded it to my child theme directory and nothing. I even made directories to make it match the default theme structure and nothing.

    As a test, I renamed the bp-default’s default.css and uploaded my edited version, and that worked. I even tried activating the default theme, renamed the default.css, then switched back my child and I have the original colors back.

    So it seems that it is ignoring my default.css. Should I copy what is in the default css into my child theme’s style.css?

    I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure what.



    IF you added
    @import url(“../yourchildtheme/style.css”);
    in your child themes CSS then you may need to add !important to overide the import css.
    #some-style {
    text-align: center !important;



    I didn’t add anything like that.

    In fact, looking at my child style.css it doesn’t look like it is being loaded at all. So I did something wrong.

    All that is in there is the theme info (name, URL, etc) and a couple of entries for div#item-header h2 span.highlight span and div.item-list-tabs ul li a span, neither of the colors listed in there are showing up.



    OK, so I have to import. If I am editing what is in the default.css, do I:
    1 – make a copy of the default.css, edit it and put in the main child theme folder?
    2 – make my edits in the style.css using the sections copied from the default.css and put a link to the default.css?

    For 1 my import would look like this: @import url(“..default.css”); correct?

    For 2 I’m not sure @import url(“..bp_default/_inc/css/default.css”); correct?

    My child theme is going to be in bp-themes/p2ab



    hi @p2ab,

    on BP 1.6.x,  a child theme contains at first only one file: style.css

    The only thing to add in are comment tags.

    * Theme Name:  what you want
    * Description: what you want
    * Version: what you want
    * Author: what you want
    * Template: bp-default (this is very important: it’s the name of the parenttheme)
    * Tags: blue, buddypress, two-columns, white….  (what you want)

    default.css is the buddypress main css file and you don’t have to copy it to your child theme.

    Also, you have nothing to import ! This is optionnal and not necessary.

    Just use the same ID and class names of the parts you want to customize and do your css modifications.

    Remeber also that in a few weeks, BP 1.7 will be avaible and will let you use any existing WP theme with the opportunity to spare some long tweaking to recreate the wheel. Perhaps.






    Thanks, Chouf1. That makes things much easier.

    That will be nice about BP 1.7. I actually found the WP theme easier to figure out in some ways.

    Now to make those changes in my style.css for the colors and see if I can figure out the header



    About images…

    I figured it out 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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