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[Resolved] bp 1.7, bbpress 2.2.4 & dissappearing Admin Bar

  • valuser



    wp 3.5.1 bp 1.7 bbpress 2.2.4 & later 2.3 rc1

    upgrading from 1.6.5 and to Group & Sitewide Forums

    Theme – Child of BP Default

    All on a local install to prepare to upgrade for online eventually.

    A Slight glitch —> but not in BP Default —> only in the Child of BP Default Theme

    It is the problem as mentioned by @buddyboss in this thread

    I did try

    1) adding show_admin_bar( true ); in functions.php but no joy (emptied caches etc).

    2) removed all functions from the child theme.

    3) removed all functions except show_admin_bar( true ); from the child theme.

    4) selectively removed items from the header.php file.

    Have examined the sequence and it appears to me that the admin menu dissappears when you save settings on the last step of configuring bbpress.
    (i.e step 6 of )

    Have tried with bbpress 2.2.4 & later with bbpress 2.3 rc1

    Would really appreciate some guidance as it really has outwitted me.

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  • valuser


    Some progress!

    When “Show the Toolbar for logged out users” is checked admin bar is shown to logged out users


    When “Show the Toolbar for logged out users” is unchecked admin bar is still shown logged out users

    still nothing for logged in users.

    started from scartch with a new child theme

    with just

    url( ../../plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/css/default.css );


    no admin bar

    added a function.php with just

    i will now go ahead and deactivate all plugins except buddypress & bbpress

    though the admin bar appears in bp default theme with these plugins activated

    Would really really appreciate some guidance



    above should be

    added a functions.php with just “



    Please mark as resolved the problem was caused by a plugin

    have left a note in the plugin forum




    use preferably bbpress 2.3beta1, it works really better with 1.7 and maybe the plugin would not interfer with that version.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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