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BP 1.7 Theme files – still need to edit?

  • Should we still need to edit the files?
    I’ve installed 1.7 from the svn but it’s killed my themes sidebars and also messed up the padding within the main content area (easy fix with CSS).
    But the only way I can see of getting the sidebars etc back would be to edit the theme files, the same as in previous versions.
    The theme I am using is ‘Modernize’ c/o themesforest With a child-theme being used.

    The site is currently being re-developed on the local machine (Mac using MAMP)
    Can email / PM details if anyone wants to see what I mean.

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  • Not sure if this is something I should list in the bug report or not, is it a compatibility issue? theme specific issue? Or something else?

    1.7’s still in development, and as you found out, has its fair share of bugs. The theme compatibility parts still need a lot of work before it’s fully compatible with every theme.

    Is there anything we need to be aware of? You say the sidebars have gone. Is the sidebars included in your theme’s page.php template?

    HI Paul, yes the sidebars will not show, no matter what I try.
    The theme has the option to select which sidebars show for each post, page, category & archive, none of which will show within the BP pages. In the normal WP pages & posts etc they are all fine.
    Also the alignment & spacing all seems way off, of course this is an easy fix in CSS.
    I also tried the BuddyPress Template Pack, which of course failed to correct without going through the step 3, but as the files are different to previous versions it was not so easy to correct.
    Not sure if it makes a difference, but this is a responsive theme, see for theme preview, although I had already changed the look with a child theme.

    I need the site to be responsive, so unless I can fix the above or get a date for 1.7 I will have to get a responsive BP base theme to build a child theme for.



    @marks99 the BP Default theme is responsive and best to test if everything’s is in working order throughout the site. After which, feel free to build a child theme off bp-default theme which could look like the modernize theme :-)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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