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BP advertises “WordPress Blogging” .. but how?

  • Webbasica


    Ok, I have the latest BP installed on WP 3.01. I would like my users to provide content, you can call it a blog if you like. Something other than the forum.

    How? Users should go to /wp-admin and there write a blog?

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  • Yes you would grant users ‘Contributo’r or ‘Author’ privileges to write on the main blog, what I do is add links for certain user capabilities to the adminbar so there is an easy route to the create new post & pages screens.



    Additionally, you can enable multisite on your WordPress site and then allow all of your users to create their own blogs.



    Additionally, if you want members to be post in frontend of blog where BP is installed, you can use either



    Thanks people. Here is an update:
    I’ve added the MU feature, but now I’m kinda wondering if I have to create every new user blog myself, and grant them the author level manually?

    You’ve sort of taken two slightly different responses and tried to meld them into one, you originally asked about users being allowed to contribute/provide content ; I pointed out that you can allow selected users to write content on the main blog that BP runs on, it was also mentioned that MS blogs could be enabled, if you have enabled MS you now have two options to allowing users to contribute content on the site.

    You do not create user blogs yourself the user creates the blog themselves and in doing so is automatically the admin for that blog, bear in mind that these blogs are full standalone WP blogs, I doubt you want to be creating them manually on behalf of your users, you could do though.

    The other option is as I mentioned originally and to which you allude to in asking “and grant them the author level manually?” you would be doing this if you wanted to add authors to the main blog.

    You might need to clarify for yourself the distinction between user blogs and what is often referred to as the ‘Main Blog’



    I think the best approach for me is the one with users having their own blogs. I feel that a single (main) blog for everybody would be limited.
    Now, where I’m at is with users that have to go to wp-admin to their wp-profile (which doesn’t seem too bp-like) and find that they can’t post anything.
    My take is that the solution would be to up the level of the user to author. But then, that just gives them rights to post, not to create a blog.

    I guess my question is: now that I have BP and MS installed, what is the normal process for user blogs?


    Why do they find they can’t post anything?

    You need to take a little more time to play and test your install, create a user ensure you have enabled create user blogs in the main options under super admin on the main blog then logged in as that new user create a new blog or register a new user and create a blog at same time., and re read my post above re upping the users capabilities/role, you don’t for a user blog.



    So what I have to do is enable “Logged in users may register new sites.” under “Registration Settings”?

    Right now I have the first option checked:
    1- Registration is disabled. (checked)
    2- User accounts may be registered.
    3- Logged in users may register new sites.
    4- Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

    Since I’m using BP, and I want my users to be able to create their own blogs, which one should be checked?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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