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BP Album+ : my new plugin for pictures

  • francescolaffi


    Test here:

    Lot of details here:

    User can upload picture to their album, and they can add title, description, choose privacy option ( public, visible to members, visible to friends, private) and enable/disable comments for the pic. Users can edit and delete their pictures.

    Admin can set limit for picture upload total count, to enable/disable privacy options and limit for each of them, if description can be empty, pic per page in the default query.

    For each upload pic will be generated a thumb and a middle size pic, admin can set thumb size, middle size and if original file should be kept.

    Templating should be easy as the pics template class works in a way similar to the wp posts template.

    Tested only with WP 2.9 and BP 1.2, don’t know if it work with previous versions. This is an early release and should be used carefully.

    I created this plugin because i needed it for a work and bppicture-album plugin wasn’t enough flexible. As I started from scratch (well, from the bp1.2 skeleton component) this is not a mod of bppicture-album, is not compatible with it, so please don’t install this if you have bppicture-album and you cant migrate the db tables by yourselfs.

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  • @hnla
    – Deciding how to dimension thumbnails, based on images with widely varying aspect ratios, and then present them in a grid, has been a problem that has dogged graphic designers since the earliest days of the Internet.

    Tell me about it , our main concern are estate agent web sites, and have continual headaches with image resizing and agents trying to upload portrait images that need to fit to a specified width and blocks; as a frontend layout coder it makes me want to cry when my layouts get destroyed.

    However regardless, thumbnails need to resize original to a specified width regardless of aspect ratio to a degree.

    I happened to grab a rectangle wider than high to test with and would have had to accept that being resized proportionally to ~50px wide ending up with some minuscule height of around 10px :-)

    We had a property portal site that members could upload company logos to a profile page we needed to produce a listing for those profiles and a thumbnail of the logo and the problems we had with users uploading hopeless aspect ratios for resizing were ultimately defeating and no we didn’t provide cropping as the users would have been too confused by that.

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