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BP and AMP

  • Earl_D


    Does it make sense to implement AMP on a buddypress site? Or is that just unnecessary overhead it theme is responsive etc.

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  • Ben Hansen


    Responsiveness and AMP are actually sort of unrelated concepts any page/site that can have an AMP’ed version probably should have one (for optimal ranking) and it’s sort of the opposite idea of making a one page fits all situations notion that has made responsiveness a first order requirement in building sites these days (it’s like deja vu all over again).

    i believe that WP itself is not fully compatible with AMP yet:

    (see notes)

    so BP compatibility is probably a ways off at this point. Others may know more than me on this subject though. 🙂



    I understand that responsiveness in terms of themes screen displays and the speed of page loads with AMP are different. However they are both about enhanced user experience on mobile devices right? I use the AMP plugin you link on another of my WP sites which is what prompted the question about the value for my BP site.

    Since so much of a user experience in BP is dynamically generated I am just wondering how useful AMP is in that context. Particularly since as you point out it isn’t built into WP core so it means adding another plugin. We are still in the early day yet and early adopters share different results.

    So just throwing the question out there to see if anyone has implemented on their BP and what they are seeing in terms of users on mobile devices.

    Are you running AMP on your BP site(s)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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