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BP and PMPro

  • mattadin



    Praying someone in this community may be able to assist with two issues.

    1. I’m currently using BuddyPress combined with PMPro to charge members for access to a network, through the BuddyBoss ‘Boss’ theme ( ). As such, for registration, I need new members to be processed through the PMPro checkout process, NOT able to join via the standard BP/WP signup form. I know at first this might sound like something that has been asked too many times, but I believe what I want to do differs from previous problems. When you view the site logged out/as a non member, there is a “Register” button and “Login” Button (from BP). What I need is for this “Register” button from to act the same way as the “Join” page that I have added into the title-bar menu. Despite my best efforts and countless hours of research, the BP “Register” continues to eventually redirect to the standard WP/BP signup.

    I am relatively fresh still to coding with WP, thus am using the “My Custom Functions” plugin. If any code could be added through this plugin, that would be great!

    2. How would change the BP “Register” button from “Register” to “Join”?

    Any support for the above two problems would be massively appreciated.

    Also, apologies if this has in fact been discussed before.



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  • livingflame


    Currently PMPro has no official relationship with BuddyPress.

    The relationship depends on the Theme.

    Themes like SweetDate have options for PMPro.




    Thanks for your response. I did since posting this manage to organise the settings so that there is no interruption from BP. Joining for new members and logging in now occurs purely through PMPro. There may be a YouTube tutorial available in the near future for those who wish to repeat this.

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