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BP Conditional Groups & Users

  • justintyme


    It amazes me how many people are still suffering from Buddypress’ / BP Multi Network disability to perform very simple things like:

    Correctly seperating users and groups based on site in the network

    After hearing many people including myself conmplaining about not being able to use certain groups on just one network site, and certain other groups on all (or selected) sites.

    Seems to me there are quite simple solutions to that, yet nobody at Buddypress seems to care about their users and rather drink coffee all day while the problems stay untouched. Really guys if you were so great in making software, you could fix this issue in less then a week!

    Here’s my idea, and I hope that someone who is not all about words and empty promises only can make a plugin to FINALLY solve this problem… The idea:

    Create a plugin “BP Conditional Groups & Users” which does the following:

    For each group and user, create a new piece of info which contains data about which network site the specific group or user belongs to. Admins will be able to add groups & users to more then one site, or just keep them exclusive to one site only.

    Groups and users can still be inside of all site’s database tables but when inactive for a specific site they will be marked as “inactive”. When displaying the groups- and user-list on the front-end, a simple PHP line would select only the groups and users that are active for that specific site.

    I’m not a coder, I can’t do the job but if someone is really willing to take on the simple task…well I and many others are even willing to pay for such a plugin! Because depending on the BuddyPress team to make it work is like waiting till you die in an old folks home.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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