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BP Groups – Admin leaves or demotes self

  • airfoil


    Just a bug vs.feature question…

    It appears that if a group admin (for some odd reason) demotes himself to member, the group is left without anyone to administer the group. There seems to be no explicit warning or other notification of the consequences.

    There is a function that disallows the only admin of a group to leave the group.

    Isn’t demoting the admin to “member” functionally the same thing? Shouldn’t there be something that not allow an admin to demote himself – functionally leaving the group without an administrator?

    This seems a bug, but if it is expected behavior, it would be great to understand what the reasoning is, and what the optimal approaches are for dealing with this sort of situation.

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  • r-a-y


    Are you using the latest version of BP?

    There was a ticket about this:

    If this problem still persists, please reopen the ticket.

    You can login to Trac with the same login credentials you use here on



    I’m running Just noticed that there has been another update to 1.2.3, so haven’t installed that yet. Given the current pace of BP updates, it is very challenging to stay current.

    I saw the ticket you referenced, but it seems to address a slightly different issue.

    The issue I’m experiencing is that an administrator can, while staying in the group, demote himself and thereby leave the group without an admin – which seems functionally the same as an admin leaving the group. However, there is no warning that prevents this.

    I was curious if this was, for some odd reason, “expected” behavior before I report it as bug.

    I’ll try to deal with the upgrade issue and see if it was somehow addressed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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